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Trading started from November 27,2018!!



VAVT is a virtual currency that directly supports all voice actors, including those who want to be voice actors, those who are already voice actors but cannot concentrate on their work due to financial difficulties, and those who attract the world with their superb acting ability.

In the future, we are planning to make direct donation to the voice actors, and conducting an excavation for the future Great voice actors.

Name: Voice Actors VIPs Token
Specifications] VIPSTAR Token
Number of published: 18 billion
contract address]

Quota *Scheduled.
·4 billion presales
·7 billion in first-time listing sales
·2 billion development
·Marketing 3 billion
·Operation 2 billion






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Publish Voice Actors VIPs Token
Start Airdrop in Official Community

Free Sale (4 billion)

List of overseas exchanges (7 billion)

By increasing the number of exchanges, we increase the holder, and also
raising awareness

[Project VAVT] Start

※ [Project VAVT]
Build a platform to support people that not only those who want to become voice actors/actress but also those who are already voice actors by directly investing through VAVT.
(homepage, app)

Through our platform, investors \' favorite voice actor/actress provides the contents of voice messages in return of the investment.
It will also discover and nurture new VIP voice actors/actress.
This for maintaining the flexibility of our project and improving the value of VAVT itself.
At the same time, new VIP voice actors/actress will be discovered and promoted.
You can request work directly to the voice actor/actress who consumes VAVT on his/her homepage or apps.

Detailed announcement on first listing

Detailed announcement on first listing











The use of VAVT is relied to each individual and we will not guarantee any loss or detriments.
It is your own responsibility and please understand the risks of trading and holding.
Value of VAVT is not recommended nor guranteed.
There is no guarantee to hold underlying assets for VAVT.

VAVT is not a legal currency which the government guarantees its value like as JPY or USD. It is just an electronic data exchanged online.
Investing to crypto currencies or tokens involves risk of price volatility. The price may drop suddenly or may turn worthless suddenly and will cause loss of your investment.
You are responsible of your decision of investing into crypto currencies or tokens including VAVT. Receive an explanation from the business operator and you should be sure to understand the transaction content when making a investment decision.
VAVT Management, VAVT Community Administrator are not responsible for any terms of use of VAVT.